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An Ace In The World Of Black Arts & Furniture Design

Torbin Wilson
"I make black art for the black home"

When it comes to perfectly blending contemporary designs with black arts, only very few designers have charted the creative path that Torben Wilson has. His reputation in the modern design world and his expertise in showcasing black art to create interior designs are the major reasons why his works continue to inspire the next generation of designers.

In 1994, Wilson started designing when he created furniture designs for JRW Contemporary Design. His time working there was a major break for him before he boldly launched into founding Neoterica Designs.

Torben Wilson has been designing at the top level, with beautiful inventions and innovations for Neoterica Designs. He made his way to the top and has worked hard to remain there, proving over again that he’s one of the best through the expertise he brings to every of his design.

Art Background

We cannot talk about Torben Wilson and his success in unique handmade black art without telling a bit about his background and how he ventured into art and design. His journey can be traced to as far back as when he was a student at Appalachian State University in Boone, North Carolina and he has not looked back ever since.

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